Welcome to the 2022 Calendar

This year I have chosen to concentrate on buildings in Gentofte. There are lots of known people who have lived in Gentofte, and the many interesting buildings show that.

Some of the pictures are of famous buildings and some are less known. There are buildings I would have liked to include, but access to them is limited and some it is impossible to get good pictures of. We have some fortresses I would have liked to include, but some are now surrounded by houses so you can’t get far enough away for a good picture and some you would really need a drone to capture in their entirety.

I hope you enjoy the photos of what I now consider my “hood”. I have lived here for 40 years, and went to school here and learned to sail from the local sailing club. So even though I am originally a “city boy” this is where I feel at home.

Happy 2022.