Gentofte’s poster pillars

The designer Knud V. Engelhart designed during the 1920s street signs and poster pillars, especially for Gentofte. It is a unique design which characterises Gentofte’s image as a modern (as it was in the 1920s) town. You can see a bit of the street signs in the left part of the pictures (should of course have been more prominent in the pictures) with the special font and Gentofte colour that he designed.

The poster pillar is also unique to our town. The overhang protecting the posters is unusual and so is the sloped foot, which is designed to stop the dogs from peeing against it. Unfortunately, as seen, it doesn’t stop the pidgins and seagulls sitting on the overhang from dropping poo on the foot.

In the background is Gentoftegade (Gentofte Street) at the centre of our town.