Tuborg’s old mineral water water production building

The Tuborg Breweries are an essential part of the Gentofte image. Even though the production has now been moved out of the area, many signs remind you of the brewery’s historical influence on Gentofte.

The photo shows Mineral Water Production Plant. It is now converted to offices, but it rises prominently at the end of Tuborgvej (Tuborg Road). There have been rumours that the sign would be taken down, but that created a public outroar and is now shelved.

When I went to Gymnasium at the beginning of the seventies, we used to rush over to the Visit Tuborg tourist tours to enjoy the free beer at the end of the tour. We had learned the shortcut to cut down the tour to a minimum and get to the beer quickly.

Also, in my time at the Hellerup Sailing Club, we enjoyed the sponsorship of Tuborg and, as a consequence, only served Tuborg beer at the club bar. Asking for a Carlsberg, you would be shown the door.